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DPMS EradiCat 4oz Bottle DPMS

EradiCat 4 oz Bottle

Easily break-up all types of fouling with the newest addition to the DPMS line of chemicals. DPMS EradiCat Bore Cleaner & Polish is a water-based, high performance all-in-one cleaner that removes carbon, copper and lead deposits, while remaining safe for long term firearm care and making clean-up easy. After breaking fouling loose with a bore brush, use the appropriate size Bore Squeeg-E, pulling from chamber through the bore to remove residue in just one pass.


- Bore Cleaner and Polish
- High Performance On Carbon, Copper and Lead Fouling
- Bore Safe, Water Based, Easy Clean-Up
- Use with Bore Squeeg-E
- 4 fl oz (118 mL)
- Made in the USA

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