DPMS308/7.62SingleCaliberCleaningSystem DPMS

Single Caliber Cleaning System

Revolutionary Bore Squeeg-E Technology that removes all dislodged barrel debris in one pass, eliminates the need for patches, reduces waste, saves you time and money, and delivers superior cleaning performance. Includes a 1/2 fl. oz DPMS Eradicat Bore Cleaner and Polish, a water-based cleaner that's bore safe, makes clean up easy and delivers high performance on carbon, lead, and copper fouling, and a 1 fl. oz DPMS CLAW Cleaning Lubrication All Weather preventative that's specifically designed for modern sporting rifles. Two-sided cleaning brush to clean all other spaces and five piece, steel rod set comes with 8/32 threads on all rods for any length use. Comes in both 5.56 NAT0/223 REM and 7.62 NAT0/308 WIN sizes


- Single caliber, rod-based systems with the key tools to clean your modern sporting rifle


- DPMS Eradicat Bore Cleaner
- DPMS CLAW Cleaning Lubrication All Weather preventative All Weather preventative
- Compact 10" x 4" x 1"
- pack mountable, water-resistant
- heavy-duty canvas with rear-velcro straps, Velcro closures
- DPMS logo
- Bore Squeeg-E
- Bronze Bore Brush
- Chamber Brush


- Caliber: 7.62/.308

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