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M7 Storm Hard Case

Storm Rifle Cases are the most solid protective cases in the industry. More than just a protective shell, they're integrated protection systems. Manufactured with Hardigg's (now Pelican) own HPX high performance resin, easy Press & Pull latches and durable soft-grip handles, they're the most comfortable, toughest transport cases available. If you've got sensitive, expensive or vital equipment to move, you need the power of a Storm behind you.


- Two Integrated Key Lockable Latches
- Two Easy To Open Press & Pull Latches
- Double-layered Soft-grip Handle
- Custom M7A1 Foam
- Two Padlockable Hasps
- Vortex Valve
- Powerful Hinges
- Integrated Lid Stay
- Meets Carry-on Regulations (without the weapon inside, naturally)
- Lightweight Rugged HPX Resin
- Watertight
- Dustproof
- Guaranteed For Life

- Hardigg Storm Case Engineering Testing
- Life is an endurance test -so each Storm Case passes extreme testing requirements.

TEST Specifications:

- Drop Test FED-STD-101C, Method 5007.1, Paragraph 6.3, Procedure A, Level A: Tests are superseded and concurrent with ASTM B 4169, DC-18, Assurance Level I, Schedule A. A series of 26 drops, one on each corner, edge, and face, from 19 to 30, depending on the gross weight of the case, with loads of 15 lbs to 70 lbs., (depending on the case size).
- Falling Dart Impact ATA 300, Category I, General Requirements for Category I and II Reusable Containers.: A dart weighing 13.22 lbs. with a 1.25 hemispherical end was dropped on each case from 19.68
- Vibration (loose cargo) FED-STD-101C, Method 5019: Tests are superseded and concurrent with ASTM B 4169, DC-18, Assurance Level I, Schedule F. Each case was vibrated for 20 minutes per axis. 1-inch peak to peak at around 4.75 Hz.
- Vibration(sweep) ATA 300, (Jan 15/96), which states in Appendix II, B.4.: This test also exceeds the specifications listed in MIL-STD-648C and may also fulfill ISO 8318 and ISO 2247. Vibration Test for Category I containers Vibration tests shall be conducted on Category I containers in accordance with ASTM Designation D-999, Procedure B, within the range of 5 to 50 cycles per second for a period of not less than two (2) hours.
- Simulated Rainfall MIL-STD-810F, Method 506.4, Procedure II of 4.1.2. FED-STD-101C Method 5009.1, Sec 6.7.1: Tests are superceeded and concurrent with ASTM B 4169, DC-18, Assurance Level I, Schedule H. Four inches of rain per hour for 20 minutes each side. This was followed by a 4-hour test at 4 per hour on the top. Both tests saw the case heated to 18F higher than the water temp.
- Immersion MIL-STD-810F, method 512.4: A 1-meter (3.281 feet) immersion for 1-hour with the case being heated to 40F higher than the water temperature.

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