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Fit, Encino Ii Chestnut/Coffee BROWNING

Encino II Fitted Case

Soft wool lining, tough simulated leather body and end accents, solid brass latches and combination locks.

The aroma of chestnut and coffee. Okay, it really doesn't smell like coffee, but it has a classic color scheme to match to great looks of your Browing shotgun. All the features you need to offer protection, function and beautiful looks. Canvas body with simulated leather accents, solid brass fittings and locks, leather grip handle and more.

Style. Real style. This case exemplifies style, durability and class that looks better as it wears. This is more than just a case to carry your gun from point A to point B. It will be a lifetime companion for your treasured shotgun.


- Solid wood frame
- Simulated leather body with contrasting simulated leather end accents
- Soft wool lining padding
- Three solid brass hinges
- Two solid brass combination locks
- Sewn leather full grip handle
- Accessory compartment
- Interior hook and loop strap secures receiver to prevent movement


- Styles: Fitted BT:OU
- Exterior Dimensions: 33.875" L x 8 3/4" W x 3 1/2" H
- Maximum Barrel Length: 32"
- Maximum Barrel Length is with Choke: Yes
- Closure: Locks
- Locks: 2 Combination
- Frame: Wood
- Color: Chestnut/Leather CoffeeHandle
- Hinge: Brass
- Shell: Leather
- Interior Material: Wool
- Style: Takedown
- Choke Tube Holder: Shaped Compartment
- Weight: 4 lbs

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