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Fit, Lona Flint/Brown 34" BROWNING

Lona Case

Special features like wool-lined interior, three solid brass latches and two brass combination locks, quilted stitching and crazy Horse leather trim.

Go to the head of the class. Durability never looked so classy. If you have the kind of shotgun that deserves a little extra love (as well as protection when in transit) then the Lona fits the bill. Sturdy construction, elegant fabrics and trim and a versatile interior that will adapt for the perfect fit for your shotgun.

Lifelong protection. This case is durable enough that, with a little care it will be with your shotgun for as long as you use it.


- Solid wood frame
- Padded 9 oz. 100% cotton canvas with traditional quilted stitching and Crazy Horse leather trim
- Wool-lined interior with removable support blocks to adjust fit
- Three solid brass
- Two brass combination locks
- External flapped accessory pocket with brass snap closure
- Thick sewn leather full grip handle
- Buckmark leather oval patches inside and out


- Style: Takedown
- Exterior Dimensions: 36.875" L x 9" W x 4 1/2" H
- Maximum Barrel Length: 34"
- Maximum Barrel Length is with Choke: Yes
- Styles L itted BT:OU
- Closure: Locks
- Locks : 2 Combination
- Frame: Wood
- Color: Flint/Brown
- Handle: Leather
- Hinge: Brass
- Shell: Canvas
- Interior Material: Wool
- Choke Tube Holder: Shaped Compartment
- Weight: 4 lbs

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