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Fit, Madera BROWNING

Madera Fitted Case Wood/Brown

Simulated leather corner and edge trim for durability. Solid wood frame with open grain finish. wool-lined interior with removable support blocks, solid brass latches and combination locks.

Knock on wood. This is a classic look that just might improve your luck. Well, at least it will keep your shotgun safe and protected while looking fantastic. It easily adapts to fit your Browning shotgun perfectly.


- Solid wood frame with open grain finish
- Simulated leather corner and edge trim
- Branded Buckmark stamping
- Wool-lined interior with removable support blocks to adjust fit
- Three matte black metal hinges
- Two matte black combination locks
- Sewn leather grip handle with matching stained wood reinforcements
- Accessory compartment


- Styles: Fitted BT:OU
- Exterior Dimensions 34 3/4" L x 8 3/4" W x 4 1/2" H
- Maximum Barrel Length: 32"
- Maximum Barrel Length is With Choke: Yes
- Closure: Locks
- Locks: 2 Combination
- Frame: Wood
- Color: Woiod/Lether BrownHandle
- Hinge: Chrome
- Interior Material: Wool
- Style: Takedown
- Choke Tube Holder: Shaped Compartment
- Weight: 4 lbs

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