Camping Lanterns (AA), 300 Lumens, Red FENIX-FLASHLIGHTS

Camping Lanterns

The Fenix CL23 is a multi-directional, lightweight camping lantern powered by AA batteries. Featuring compact size and a light weight, the lantern delivers a max output of 300 lumens, which not only delivers the needs of campers but also satisfies backpackers requirements. In addition, the CL23 is outstanding for its directional lighting - versatile both around a campsite and inside a tent. The lantern is powered by 3 AA batteries, but for emergency lighting it can be used with only 1 or 2 batteries. With good-looking appearance, IP66 rated protection and multiple ways of wearing, the CL23 will make for a stylish and more enjoyable outdoor life.


- Compact and fashionable
- Multiple-direction lighting for camping and tent lighting
- Dual lighting sources - white and red
- Reverse polarity protection to protect from improper battery insertion
- Top positioned tripod socket for effective light directional control and fastening
- One-switch control for easy and fast operation


- Color: Red
- Max 300 lumens
- Powered by 1-3 AA batteries
- 55mm Length x 55mm Width x 85mm Height
- Weight: 140 grams (excluding batteries)
- 20 meters beam diameter
- IP66 rated protection

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